SERVICEWafer Reclaiming Business

We provide high-quality reclaimed wafers using
proprietary film removal and polishing technologies.
Our ability to increase the number of times wafers
can be reused and to fulfill orders quickly helps
customers achieve significant cost savings.

Large quantities of monitor and dummy wafers are used in semiconductor processes to monitor equipment status and process conditions. 

We accept used monitor and dummy wafers from customers and return them as reusable products after film-stripping, surface-polishing, and final cleaning processes.


Key technologies

Film stripping (damage-less)
 Proprietary selective etching technology allows us to remove films without damaging the underlying material.

Surface polishing
We utilize a range of polishing techniques chosen based on the raw materials in question to minimize the amount of polishing performed.

Final cleaning
Single-wafer washing machines use the scrubbing method to remove metallic impurities and particles.

Quality assurance

We carry out quality inspections using high-precision instruments.

We report recycling and processing results and work together with customers to make improvements on an ongoing basis.

(Characteristics tested include thickness, flatness, warpage, type, resistivity, wf-ID, particulate contamination, and metallic impurities.)

Advantages of surface polishing

Improving the number of times wafers can be reused
 Excessive polishing will reduce the number of times wafers can be reused, necessitating purchases of new wafers in greater volumes.

Shinryo helps make possible significant reductions in new wafer purchase volume by proposing surface polishing.


Reducing CO2 emissions
 We help reduce CO2 emissions by increasing usage of reclaimed wafers and minimizing polishing.

*For a customer that uses 300 mm wafers at the rate of 10,000 wafers per month, reclaiming with 6 μm polishing will lower CO2 emissions by 50,000 tons per year, which is the equivalent of 110,000 cans (18 L) of kerosene.



Please contact us if your company has concerns about lowering costs or maintaining quality.