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Bringing together fine chemical manufacturing technologies by consolidating businessesEnhancing customer support capabilities


Shinryo has consolidated the operations of certain parts of Mitsubishi Chemical’s fine chemicals business along with MCC Unitec and Onahama Distillation, which have related businesses. That consolidation is allowing us to build a new platform by bringing together a broad range of development and manufacturing technologies related to fine chemicals and organic synthesis that have been accumulated by each of these companies over its history. Through this platform we’re working to strengthen our customer service capabilities, provide high-value-added solutions, and grow our fine chemicals business.

Principal businesses

We can accommodate every stage of operations, from laboratory work to small-lot prototyping and volume production.

The team of precision chemistry professionals that makes up our fine chemicals business meets a broad range of customer needs, from the fine chemical development stage to volume production, based on its motto of quick response, high purity, and law impurities.

Business overview

Laboratory-level studies

Our process development team reviews formulations provide by customers and studies how they can be scaled up. When it’s necessary to obtain data for at-scale manufacturing or to make improvements from a work standpoint, we propose solutions to the customer. We also offer process analysis services and study product inspection methods.


Small-lot prototype studies

We have stills for manufacturing test batches ranging from 100 L to 2,000 L. Our strength lies in acquiring small-lot prototypes, obtaining data to prepare for volume production, and smoothly transitioning from prototyping to volume production.


Volume production

We offer volume production service at scales ranging from 300 L to 12 m3 with DCS management. We also perform recovery distillation ourselves to lower costs, and we offer prototyping services (in addition to volume production) at the same scale.

Fine chemical products

Shinryo has its own in-house research and development group, and we’ve put in place structures that allow us to accommodate customer wishes quickly and reliably.


Environmental measurement

In our environmental business, we offer survey and measurement services for both natural and manmade environments. We also carry out environmental assessments in advance of construction projects.


Maintenance management

Through our maintenance management business, we offer sewage treatment facility and community wastewater facility operation and management services by qualified professionals, as well as maintenance inspection services for large purification tanks and wastewater treatment facilities.


Distillation and refining

Our distillation and refining business refines used waste solvents and organic solvents using distillation systems on a contract basis. These services help reduce VOCs and carbon dioxide emissions, both of which are harmful to the environment.




Manufacturing equipment

We operate reaction vessels ranging in volume from 50 L to 12,000 L, allowing us to offer flexible production services. We can accommodate customer wishes quickly, from the development stage to volume production.

Manufacturing plant overview


Manufacturing equipment overview

Reactors (mixing impellers)

Glass lining: 28 units (50 L to 12 ㎥)

Stainless steel: 7 units (600 L to 5 ㎥)

Centrifugal filters: 10 units (32’ to 48’) (stainless steel with Aflon lining)

Pressurized filters: 6 units (glass, stainless steel)


Shelf type, conical type, stirring type

Atmospheric pressure, reduced pressure: 14 units (glass, stainless steel)

Column stills

7 units (10 to 50 stages, SS, stainless steel)

UTT equipment

Freezer (-15°C)

Heater (250°C)

Other Thin-film evaporation machine (evaporation area: 0.8 ㎡)


Please contact us if your company has concerns about lowering costs or maintaining quality.