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Realizing true health

We develop and supply materials and products based on unique ideas in order to realize true health, consisting of physical health, physical beauty, and emotional health.

Creating unique products with Shinryo’s healthcare technologies
Proprietary expertise and sophisticated technological capabilities
New, fun, and desirable: Searching for what consumers want and applying it to products
Reliable evidence

Hydrogen materials


Highly Concentrated Hydrogen Jelly

A revolutionary product with a high concentration of hydrogen made possible by the world’s first patented technology of its kind

Minisite describing Highly Concentrated Hydrogen Jelly, a product developed by Shinryo

Antiviral/antibacterial products


Anti Virus Spray

This product can be used to combat viruses and bacteria*1 on fixtures and furniture such a doorknobs, tables, and sofas as well as on fabric furnishings such as curtains. 

The long-acting antiviral and antibacterial ingredient (an aliphatic cationic compound) stays on sprayed surfaces and works for 14 days*2 to keep away viruses or bacteria, even after it dries.

*1 Not effective against all viruses and bacteria.
*2 Effectiveness and persistence vary with conditions of use and other factors.

The product was created in partnership with the Mitsubishi Chemical Group*3 using Marukacide™, an antiviral/antibacterial ingredient manufactured by group company Osaka Kasei Co., Ltd.

*3 The Mitsubishi Chemical Group refers to Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation and its group companies.
The sale has ended.

Manufacturing environment

We manufacture products under strict hygiene management and quality control regimes at our plant so that we can deliver safe products that inspire peace of mind.



We have a variety of analytical instruments and strive to maintain a reliable inspection program from every perspective, including equipment, inspections, and standard compliance.


We use an extensive range of analytical techniques and instruments to evaluate the physical properties of products and materials, including liquid chromatography, rheology, viscometers, and moisture meters.


We carry out product safety testing as well as cellular cultivation testing to evaluate the functionality of new materials.


Please contact us if your company has concerns about lowering costs or maintaining quality.