SERVICEContract Plating (Electronic Component Processing) Business

Contract processing for services ranging from prototype development to volume production
Lead-free solder plating technology that accommodates low- to high-melting-point variants



We help customers manufacture semiconductor packages with more advanced functionality, narrower pitches, and denser/finer circuits by using plating technology that we’ve accumulated through our core business of leadframe exterior plating.


Shinryo’s plating technology

More advanced functionality

We help customers manufacture electronic components with more advanced functionality and more highly integrated architectures with lead-free solder plating, including Sn-Ag-Cu plating, in low- to high-melting-point variants.


Sn-Bi-In plating technology (patent pending)

  • We successfully developed low-melting-point solder plating that can accommodate mounting temperatures of 60°C to 110°C.
  • Sn-Bi-In plating can be used to mount resin materials, compound semiconductors, piezoelectric elements, and other materials with low heat resistance.

Sn-Ag-Cu plating technology

We used proprietary technology to successfully commercialize Sn-Ag-Cu plating with the same composition as standard lead-free mounting solder.


Narrower pitch and denser circuits

We can form fine patterns (bumps and wiring) on a variety of substrates such as Si wafer.

Bumping service

Processing service


Development status


Finer (more minuscule) circuits

We form a uniform plating film on minuscule components and materials to add functionality (conductivity, solderability, etc.).

Ball plating and powder plating
  • Materials: Metals, resins
  • Grain diameter: We have experience with grain diameters as low as 40 μm.        
  • Plating types: Cu, Ni, lead-free solder, etc. 

wire plating
  • Materials: Metals, resins, carbon materials (carbon fiber, carbon nanotubes)
  • Wire diameter: We have experience with wire diameters as low as 10 μm.
  • Plating types: Cu, Ni, lead-free solder, etc.


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