SERVICECircular Economy and 3Rs Business

Transforming Waste into Value

We propose circular ideas that customers can incorporate into their own businesses.

Shinryo has contributed to society by leveraging its proprietary technologies and expertise in the service of the philosophy of “reduce, reuse, and recycle” to help realize a zero-emissions society. 

Today, we’re seeing a worldwide transition from a “linear” economy in which resources are used and then discarded to a new approach: a “circular” economy in which resources are instead used repeatedly. 

Shinryo is working to promote this societal shift to a circular economy by treating waste as a resource and providing value through the recovery and repeated use of materials that have been discarded in the past.


Chemical recycling

Much attention has been focused on global-scale environmental protection in recent years. Processing waste, which grows in volume with each passing year, poses serious challenges. Producing a single product entails consuming large amounts of resources, including raw materials and energy.

Our recycling plant accepts used chemical products from customers and makes maximum use of advanced technologies and extensive expertise accumulated over many years in areas such as physics and chemical treatment to process them and return them to customers as recycled products whose quality is on par with that of new products.

We manage waste products generated by the recycling process ourselves, from collection and transport to intermediate processing. 

In addition to helping customers advance their zero-emissions initiatives by reusing resources, our services in this area pay dividends in terms of reducing raw material purchase costs, industrial waste processing costs, and industrial waste management workload.


Waste recycling

One of our major goals is to recycle waste, and we focus on material recycling with a basis in chemical technology.

We rely on recovery by superfractionation and recycling and recovery by chemical treatment to detoxify and recycle a broad range of waste products, including hazardous compounds, solvents, waste oil, waste acids, and waste alkalis.


We also recycle office equipment, and both office equipment and waste acid/alkali operations take place at a facility in the city of Yokkaichi (Corporation Recycle Tech).

Plant Profile

Futajima Plant



This plant receives most of the waste we accepted from customers, which it processes to facilitate recycling using an array of processing facilities. Waste that cannot be recycled is detoxified, processed to ensure safety, and subjected to final disposal.


Minamifutajima, Wakamatsu-ku, Kitakyushu 808-0109 (at Futajima Industrial Park)(Located near the Boat Race Wakamatsu’s venue)

Facility capacity

Processing equipment Waste type Processing capacity (tons per year)
Cement raw material conversion Sludge 18,000
Dehydration Sludge 4,200
Reduction melting/neutralization Sludge 3,000
Fuel conversion Waste oil, waste solvent 11,400
Recycling Waste acids, waste alkalis 8,400
Reduction/neutralization Waste acids, waste alkalis 3,000
Neutralization Waste acids, waste alkalis 6,600
Glass crushing Glass fragments 1,200

Neutralization facility


Waste oil storage tanks


Acid/alkali storage tanks



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