Our Businesses

Our businesses meet the gamut of customer needs by providing a diverse range of solutions, including industrial waste detoxification and recycling, precision cleaning of semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts, silicon wafer reclaiming, fine chemicals, and healthcare.

Circular Economy
and 3Rs Business

Shinryo is working to realize a “circular economy.” We’ve contributed to society by leveraging our proprietary technologies and expertise in the service of the philosophy of “reduce, reuse, and recycle” to help realize a zero-emissions society. 

We will continue to propose schemes to help customers create the highest possible added value by efficiently utilizing resources.

Fine Chemicals Business

Precision Cleaning and
Surface Treatment Business

Shinryo’s precision cleaning technology removes micron- to nano-scale contaminants in a fine-grained manner, including particulate dirt and metal that are invisible to the naked eye.

Going forward, we will remain committed to utilizing advanced precision cleaning and surface modification technologies to help customers increase yields and lower costs.

Wafer Reclaiming Business

Large quantities of monitor and dummy wafers are used in semiconductor processes to monitor equipment status and process conditions.

In our Wafer Reclaiming Business, we accept used monitor and dummy wafers from customers and return them as reusable products after film-stripping, surface-polishing, and final cleaning processes.

Contract Plating
(Electronic Component Processing) Business

From prototyping and development to volume production, we help customers identify providers of contract electronic component processing services, including wafer bump plating, core ball plating, and minuscule part and special material plating.

Healthcare Business

We develop and supply materials and products based on unique ideas in order to realize true health, consisting of physical health, physical beauty, and emotional health.


Please contact us if your company has concerns about lowering costs or maintaining quality.